Vertical Vacuum Gas Cooling Furnace VPQR series

Equipment Use

Be used for vacuum quenching、 tempering、annealing、vacuum solid solution and magnetic treatment.

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  • Product Performance
  • Equipment Features
  • Process flow
  • Product Parameters
  • Working temperature:500℃~1280℃

    Rated temperature:1320℃

    Furnace temperature uniformity:≤±5℃

    Limited vacuum:≤1.3Pa

    Pressure rising rate:≤0.5Pa/hr

    Heating-up time(from room temperature to 1100℃):≤45min 

    Cooling time:≤20min   700℃~100℃(no-loading)

  • 1.Vertical resistance heating design, cylindrical hot zone, mainly for gas quenching, tempering, annealing treatment;

    2.The rated heating temperature is 1300 ° C, the rated gas cooling pressure is 3 bars (abs), the cooling gas is nitrogen;

    3.The heating and insulation layer are graphite made, and the heaters are installed and fixed on the insulation layer;

    4.The cooling gas is ejected from the nozzle with 360 ° distribution around the heating chamber to realize the uniform cooling of the heat-treated products in the heating chamber;

    5.The supporting material platform is designed on the furnace door at the bottom. The rotating design can drive the product to rotate while cooling, and effectively control the deformation.

    6. The furnace door adopts the up-down lifting design, and moves horizontally on the guide rail after falling to the ground height, so as to facilitate the loading of products.

  • Loading→Pre-vacuumizing→Vacuum heating→Heat preservation in vacuum→Nitrogen cooling→Unloading

  • Effective  zone dimensions (W × H × L)1400×1800mm
    Effective  volume约17m3
    Loading  rated capacity2000kg
    Equipment  weight16ton
    Rated  temperature1320℃
    Furnace  temperature uniformity (no load)≤±5℃
    Rated  heating power450KW
    Total  installed power130kVA
    Convective  heating pressure87kPa abs
    Max  cooling pressure3bar abs
    Work  vacuum degree(conventional pump units)≤1.3×100 Pa
    Limit  vacuum degree (high vacuum pump units)≤7.0×10-3 Pa
    Pressure  rise rate≤0.5Pa/hr
    Cooling  water consumption60m3/h
    Nitrogen  consumption (one cycle)60 Nm3

     *Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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