Jiangsu IHI Fengdong Vacuum Technology Co.Ltd.

VIF, is a joint venture established both by IHI Machinery and Furnace Co.,Ltd and by Jiangsu Fengdong Thermal Technology Furnace Co. Ltd. which is the leading enterprise in heat treatment equipment making area in China .

The business scope includes  sales planning,  design and manufacture, after-sale services of vacuum furnace; import and export of the equipment and its components; commission agents and wholesale; process and consultation of heat treatment.

VIF commits itself to the vacuum furnace’s research and development and its manufacture. The products are widely applied in automobile parts industry, aerospace aviation industry, shipbuilding industry, tool and mold processing industry and some research institutes.

VIF puts a lot into the new technology’s research and development which makes the vacuum furnace stand for the world advanced level  widely used in Chinese market. VIF has its own knacks not only in the reliability and comprehensive competitiveness of the equipments, but also in the well- controlled cost of equipment use. Moreover, it takes plenty of the latest technology and advanced methods to effectively reduce the energy consumption and bad emissions. Vacuum furnace of VIF is not only the tool of the realization of technological process but also a perfect application in creating several new technology on environment protection.

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