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   VIF is a joint venture between Jiangsu Fengdong Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd.(Fengdong) and IHI Machinery and Furnace Co.,Ltd.(IMS). It was established on 18th Sep2014, tapping into the heat treatment market in China.

IHI Group is engaged in the industries of resources and energy, social infrastructure, logistics and Industrial Machinery, aviation and aerospace etc.It has a very strong technology and market dominance in the global machinery industry which makes it a leader in heavy construction industry in Japan. While Fengdong is the only listed company of heat treatment in China. IHI group and Fengdong combine their strength to develop the vacuum devices with high-tech, high quality and low cost. Both companies will work together in deep in expanding market and developing other cooperating opportunity.   

During the earlier communication regarding the project with IHI group, I was very impressive that IHI group did a great job in feasibility analysis, which was involved in project, technology,market, personnel, investment cost and risk management. We were benefit from the methodology and working attitude. The joint venture will certainly continue in this way, being the leader in the market. 

We firmly believe that with all the support of the municipal government, development zones and related bureaus,combined all the efforts of shareholders and staff in the joint venture,VIF would grow rapidly in Dafeng Jiangsu, and make its contribution to the local economyand public welfare.


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