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Vacuum furnace NVPT series


NVPT Features:
Used to vacuum pressure tempering
aging treatment.
1.Backfill the pressurized nitrogen after evacuating the air, convective heating is under the protection of nitrogen atmosphere. So there is no existence of oxygen and moisture contamination. It can realize the bright tempering heat treatment.
2.The heater adopts the circular distribution, partition independent temperature control, which can improve the temperature uniformity
3.Adopting ceramic fiber insulation materials when heating. It will be of high strength, small deformation, long service life, convenient repair, and it will also be easy to get a clean heating environment .
4.Using convection heating mode to improve the low temperature radiation efficiency. In order to obtain bright heat treatment effect, vacuum heating is a option.
5.You can choose high vacuum and high temperature specifications, the product performance is widely applied.

Product performance

Work temperature:150
Rated temperature:750

Furnace temperature uniformity:≤±5

Limited vacuum
Pressure rising rate:≤0.3pa/hr
Heat-up time:≤40min room temperature to 700

Cooling time:≤20min 70

Process flow

loading--vacuumize--convective heating--convective preservation--N2cooling--unloading

Basic parameters:

 Type 600/600/1000 800/800/1300
 Usable Space Dimensions(W×H×L) 600×600×1000mm 800×800×1300mm
 Effective Volume 4.5m3 9.0m3
 Gross Charge Weight 600kg 800kg
 Floor Space Requirements,approx.(W×H×L)
4550×3800×6200mm 5000×4100×10100mm
 Weight of Plant,approx. 8ton 12ton
 Rated Temperature 750℃ 750℃
 Temperature Uniformity ≤±5℃ ≤±5℃
 Heating Power 75kW 135kW
 Total Connection Power 130kVA 180kVA
 N2 Gas Pressure Under Convection 87kPa abs 87kPa abs
 N2 Gas During Cooling  87kPa abs 87kPa abs
 Limit Vacuum,Normal Vacuum Pump Set ≤1.3×100 Pa ≤1.3×100 Pa
 Limit Vacuum,Fine Vacuum Pump Set ≤7.0×10-3 Pa ≤7.0×10-3 Pa
 Pressure Rise Rate  ≤0.3Pa/hr ≤0.3Pa/hr
 Cooling Water Consumption,approx. 15m3/h 15m3/h
 N2 Consumption,approx. 5.6m3 10.6m3
 Cooling Motor Power 11kW 15kW




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