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Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace RQ series


RQ Features:
Used to vacuum pressure hardening
temperingannealingvacuum solution magneic  treatmentaging and vacuum brazing.
1.It takes the upper and lower ventilation technology to cool, which effectively ensure uniform cooling performance.
2.Adopting the movable gas deflectors, which ensure the uniformity of the cooling gas .
3.Cooling pressure can be adjusted according to the requirement. Max 10 bar quenching pressure can meet the requirements of the majority of the product gas quenching.
4. Adopting convection heating function, a circulating fan start to run under the pressure .which can improve the heating rate and temperature uniformity.

Product performance:

Work temperature:540~1280

Rated temperature:1320

Furnace temperature uniformity:≤±5
Limited vacuum
Pressure rising rate:≤0.3pa/hr
Heat-up time:≤45min room temperature to 1100

Rated quenching pressure:10bar abs.

Process flow:

loading--vacuumize—convective heating-- vacuum heating--partial pressure of heating – gas quenching-- unloading

1.Conventional vacuum pump system can meet the ordinary treatment for tool steel, mold steel, gas quenching; High vacuum system can further improve the wide applicability of the product
2.Partial pressure heating is selectable in high temperature section. Small pressure of N2 can reduce volatile alloying elements.
3.The max quenching pressure is 6 bar of standard product .And we can produce max 10 bar.abs pressure furnace according to customer requirements.

Basic parameters:

 Type 600/600/1000 900/800/1300
 Usable Space Dimensions(W×H×L) 600×600×1000mm 900×800×1300mm
 Effective Volume 6.5m3 11.5m3
 Gross Charge Weight 600kg 1000kg
 Floor Space Requirements,approx.(W×H×L) 4700×3800×6200mm 5500×4100×12000mm
 Weight of Plant,approx. 16ton 20ton
 Rated Temperature 1320℃ 1320℃
 Temperature Uniformity ≤±5℃ ≤±5℃
 Heating Power 132kW 234kW
 Total Connection Power 160kW 300kW
 N2 Gas Pressure Under Convection 130kPa~200kPa abs 130kPa~200kPa abs
 N2 Gas During Quenching 1000kPa abs 1000kPa abs
 Limit Vacuum,Normal Vacuum Pump Set ≤1.3×100 Pa ≤1.3×100 Pa
 Limit Vacuum,Fine Vacuum Pump Set ≤7.0×10-3 Pa ≤7.0×10-3 Pa
 Pressure Rise Rate  ≤0.3Pa/hr ≤0.3Pa/hr
 Cooling Water Consumption,approx. 55m3/h 75m3/h
 N2 Consumption,approx. 67m3 127m3
 Cooling Motor Power 132KW 250KW



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