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Vacuum carburizing furnace VCB series


VCB Features:

Used to vacuum carburizing, oil quenching
1.using high-temperature vacuum carburizing, shortening the carburizing cycle time, which can improve the efficiency of carburizing
2.We use the vacuum carburizing process to purificate the products’ surface,improve carburizing efficiency and reduce gas consumption.
3.Using the double chamber vacuum seal design, the heating chamber should be kept in the normal vacuum state without contacting with air or water. And there is no harmful gas contacting the inner environment. Heater and insulation material is not oxidized, which is nearly no loss and durable.
4.Quench cooling happens in the front room while profiles can not be cooled in heating chamber. The heating room can be at high temperature for a long time,which can shorten the heat-up time and save energy. It can repeatedly produce the high quality heat treatment .
5.Cooling rapidly and evenly, the product is quickly delivered to the cooling chamber and rapidly cooled in the oil tank. Oil tank is equipped with a guiding structure, by the frequency conversion motor stirring. There will be strong quenching and good cooling effect. Moreover, the products’ performance is widely used.
6.Material handling process is stable and reliable. The material in the loading- cooling chamber --a cooling chamber oil tank ---out of furnaces ,the whole process is stable and reliable without shaking and ceasing ,which can ensure long time and reliable operation.

Product performance

Work temperature:600
Rated temperature:1100

Furnace temperature uniformity:≤±5

Limited vacuum
Pressure rising rate:≤1pa/hr
Heat-up time:≤45min room temperature to 1050

Oil tank capacity
Quench oil temperature:≤120

Process flow

loading--After moved to the heating room-heating--stay warm--vacuum carburizing--vacuum diffusion--move to the quenching room - oil cooling--unloading
1.Heating zone is made of composite materials, which has a long life, and has no influence on product carburization
2.Special design of intank system layout is reasonable,which can ensure uniform carburizing atmaosphere,avoid intank carbon deposition,improve carburization quality and reduce maintenance cost
3.Vacuum carburizing process can shorten carburizing cycle and save cost,which is very suitable for hign precision technical fields on Auto parts.CNC machine tool accessories,ect.
4.Complete vacuum oil quenching heat treatment on plain beaning steel.low alloy steel and spring steel etc.

Basic parameters:
 Type 760/700/1220
 Usable Space Dimensions(W×H×L)
 Effective Volume(Heating Zone)
 Gross Charge Weight 650kg
 Floor Space Requirements,approx.(W×H×L)
 Weight of Plant,approx. 16ton
 Rated Temperature 1050℃

 Temperature Uniformity
Vacuum Heating ≤±5℃
Convection Heating ≤±8℃
 Heating Power 120kW
 Total Connection Power 235kW
 Oil Temperature ≤120℃
 Oil Tank Heating Power 60kW
 Oil Volume 7700L
 Limit Vacuum ≤1.0×101 Pa
 Pressure Rise Rate (Heating Zone)
 Cooling Water Consumption,approx. 12m3/h
 N2 Consumption,approx. 11m3
 Cooling Motor Power 7.5kW
 N2 Gas During Cooling  70kPa



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