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Vacuum Cleaner HWBV series


HWBV Features:

Used to the cleaning of various tool parts before and after heat treatment and the degreasing cleaning of processing.
1.Use the third petroleum hydrocarbon solvent to clean, which has no pollution emissions to the environment.
2.By vacuum distillation, the contaminated solvent can be recycled , cleaning solvent will be regenerated and added continuously to ensure the solvent cleaning effect.
3.By reducing the pressure to achieve the principle of saturated vapor pressure, It can be cleaned and dried under vacuum condition and the low temperature vacuum
4.Less solvent holdings, solvent can be renewed and recycled, there is almost no consumption and cleaning cost is low.
5.Can be cleaned and covered with steam cleaning, even small parts and parts,such as blind hole depth can also be washed
6.The whole cleaning process are conducted in a sealed container, it is safeand reliable, there is no fire and explosion danger.
7.Under 150
low temperature vacuum cleaning, save the energy.

Product performance

The cleaning result depends on the of the work piece, the packing appearance,adhesion of oil and so on. The cleaning oil has equal ability as trichloroethane .

Performance work temperature: 120
Work vacuum degree:≤4000pa
Detergent capacity: 3200L
Heating power:90kw
Amount of solvent regeneration:340L/hr
Vacuum pump pumping speed:7000L/min

Process flow

loading--vacuum exhaust--steam cleaning--soak cleaning-- drying--unloading

Using as a petroleum solvent for fuel oil when cleaning ,we could inevitably worry about the fire and explosion. But the device uses the third petroleum solvent samed as quench oil which is safest. HWBV uses the advanced vaccum detection and sealing technology, combinating the solvent’s physical properties, which can achieve the safe ,reliable, clean and environmental cleaning work.

Safety policy

1.For the third petroleum solvents

2.Do not contact air while cleaning 

3.Cleaning under the condition of vacuum, avoid the safety hidden trouble

4.No guide fire equipment

Basic parameters:

 Type 660/650/1200 760/800/1350
 Usable Space Dimensions(W×H×L) 660×650×1220mm 760×800×1350mm

 Effective Volume
Clean Room 2.8m3 3.7m3
Soak Tank 1.8m3 2.7m3
Steam Generator 2.3m3 4.3m3
 Gross Charge Weight 650kg 1000kg
 Floor Space Requirements,approx.(W×H×L)
4000×3800×5300mm 5000×4450×5800mm
 Weight of Plant,approx. 11ton 15ton
 Solvent Dosage 1950L 3180L
 Heating Power 60kW 90kW
 Total Connection Power 72kW 107kW
 Cooling Water Consumption,approx. 6m3/h 9m3/h


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