Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace RQ series

Equipment Use

Be used for vacuum pressure hardening、tempering、annealing、vacuum solid solution、magnetic treatment and brazing.

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  • Product Performance
  • Equipment Features
  • Process flow
  • Product Parameters
  • Working temperature:150℃~1280℃

    Rated temperature:1320℃

    Furnace temperature uniformity:≤±5℃

    Limited vacuum:≤1.3Pa

    Pressure rising rate:≤0.3Pa/hr

    Heating-up time(from room temperature to 1100℃):≤45min 

    Rated quenching pressure:10bar

  • 1.Horizontal single chamber design is applied with compact structure, and furnace door opening mode can be designed according to user requirements;

    2.The cooling gas adopts the top-bottom reversing design to effectively ensure the uniform cooling performance;

    3.Completely imported cooling circuit design, with large quantity of gas flow.

    4.The quenching motor is designed with vacuum water-cooled seal, which has short starting time, small starting current and no special requirements for power grid;

    5.The heaters are distributed in ring section to effectively improve the uniform performance of furnace temperature;

    6.Function of convection heating is possessed. As convection fan is started and operated under a certain pressure, the heating speed and furnace temperature uniformity can be significantly improved in the low temperature section.

  • Loading→ vacuumizing→ convection heating→ vacuum heating→ partial pressure heating→ high pressure quenching→unloading.

  • Effective  zone dimensions (W × H × L)600×600×1000mm900×800×1300mm
    Effective  volume6.5m311.5m3
    Loading  rated capacity600kg1000kg
    Equipment  weight16ton20ton
    Rated  temperature1320℃1320℃
    Furnace  temperature uniformity (no load)≤±5℃≤±5℃
    Rated  heating power132kW234kW
    Total  installed power160kW300kW
    Convective  heating pressure130kPa~200kPa abs130kPa~200kPa abs
    Max  quenching pressure1000kPa abs1000kPa abs
    Limit  vacuum degree (conventional pump units)≤1.3×100  Pa≤1.3×100 Pa
    Limit  vacuum degree (high vacuum pump units)≤7.0×10-3 Pa≤7.0×10-3 Pa
    Pressure  rise rate≤0.3Pa/hr≤0.3Pa/hr
    Cooling  water consumption55m3/h75m3/h
    Nitrogen  consumption (one cycle)67m3127m3

     *Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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