Vacuum carburizing furnace VCB series

Equipment Use

Be used for vacuum pressure hardening、tempering、annealing、vacuum solid solution、magnetic treatment and brazing.

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  • Product Performance
  • Equipment Features
  • Process flow
  • Product Parameters
  • Working temperature:600℃~1050℃

    Rated temperature:1100℃

    Furnace temperature uniformity:≤±5℃

    Limited vacuum:≤10Pa

    Pressure rising rate:≤1Pa/hr

    Heating-up time(from room temperature to 1050℃):≤45min 

    Oil tank capacity:7700L

    The temperature of oil:≤120℃

  • 1.Working in vacuum environment, no oxidation, no decarburization and exceedingly good surface quality;

    2.Vacuum purification of product surface, can produce improvement for carburizing efficiency, less consumption of carburizing atmosphere and low production cost;

    3.Double chamber vacuum sealing design is adopted, the heating chamber is kept in vacuum state normally, without contacting with large air and moisture, the heater and insulation materials will not be oxidized, and the service life is long;

    4.The quenching process is carried out separately in the front room. The heating room is kept in a high temperature state for a long time. The heating time is short, energy is saved, and high-quality heat treatment production can be carried out repeatedly;

    5.The cooling is speedy and homogeneous; the product can be quickly transported to the cooling chamber, and is rapidly cooled in the oil tank. The oil tank has a diversion structure. The mixing effect of the invert able motor is uniform, the quenching strength is high, the cooling effect is good, and the product has a wide range of applicable properties;

    6.High temperature carburizing process can be adopted, with the maximum carburizing temperature of 1050 ℃. It can be used for carburizing stainless steel and deep layer carburizing;

    7.The material transportation process is stable and reliable, and the whole process of work-piece loading - cooling chamber - heating chamber - cooling chamber oil tank - discharging is stable and reliable, without jitter and jamming, and the long-term operation reliability is extremely high.

  • ?Loading→Move to the heating room→Heating→Heat preservation→Vacuum carburizing→Low pressure diffusion→Move to the quenching room→Oil cooling-Unloading

  • Effective zone dimensions (W × H × L)660×650×1200mm760×700×1220mm
    Effective volume(Heating chamber)3.6m35.3m3
    Loading rated capacity600kg650kg
    Equipment weight14ton16ton
    Rated temperature1050℃1050℃
    Furnace temperature uniformity
       Vacuum heating
    Convection  heating≤±8℃≤±8℃
    Rated heating power120kW120kW
    Total installed power235kW235kW
    The temperature of quenching oil≤120℃≤120℃
    Oil heating power60kW60kW
    Oil intake volume6500L7700L
    Limited vacuum≤1.0×101 Pa≤1.0×101 Pa
    Pressure rise rate(Heating chamber)≤1Pa/hr≤1Pa/hr
    Cooling water consumption12m3/h12m3/h
    Nitrogen consumption (one cycle)11m311m3
    Cooling pressure70kPa70kPa

     *Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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