Batch Type Vacuum Cleaning Machine HWBV series

Equipment Use

Be used for the cleaning of various parts before and after heat treatment and the degreasing cleaning of processing.

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  • Product Performance
  • Equipment Features
  • Process flow
  • Product Parameters
  • Working temperature:<120℃

    Working vacuum degree:≤4000Pa

    Detergent capacity:3200L

    Heating power:90kW

    Amount of solvent regeneration:400 L/hr

    The pumping speed of vacuum pump:7000L/min

  • 1.Washing process with the third petroleum hydrocarbon solvent of clean and environmental protection, without waste water pollution;

    2.According to the principle of low-pressure distillation, the contaminated solvent is recycled by low-pressure distillation to ensure the cleaning effect of the solvent;

    3. By reducing the pressure to reach the saturated vapor pressure of solvent, the vacuum washing and drying can be carried out at low temperature in vacuum condition;

    4. The solvent can be recycled, practically no consumption, and the cleaning cost will be low;

    5. It can be used for low-pressure steam cleaning and immersion cleaning, even for small and narrow shape parts and deep-milled parts with blind holes;

    6. The whole cleaning process is carried out in a sealed container, safe and reliable, without the risk of fire and explosion;

    7.Additional ultrasonic soaking functions can be selected to further improve cleaning quality.

  • Loading→Vacuum exhaust→Steam cleaning→Soak cleaning→Vacuum dry→Unloading

  • Effective zone dimensions (W × H × L)660×650×1220mm760×800×1350mm
    Effective volumeClean room2.8m33.7m3
    Soak  tank1.8m32.7m3
    Steam  generator2.3m34.3m3
    Loading rated capacity650kg1000kg
    Equipment weight11ton15ton
    Solvent dosage1950L3180L
    Rated heating power60kW90kW
    Total installed power72kW107kW
    Cooling water consumption6m3/h9m3/h

     *Can be customized according to customer requirements.

     ※Quick drying (cryo-drying instant drying technology)

    "Quick drying (cryo-drying instant drying technology) is an exclusive patent of IHI, which has the following advantages:

    ① In a sealed container, high temperature steam condenses in a low temperature condenser.

    ② After condensation, the cleaning solvent passes through the condensate recovery tank, more than 98% of which is recovered.

    ③ The high temperature solvent immediately boils, and the grease in the blind hole immediately disperses, and the residual grease is sharply reduced.

    ④ Under the latent heat of gasification, even if the temperature of the treated product is low, it can be fully dried through the low-temperature condenser.

    The conventional cleaning steps of hwbv vacuum degreasing cleaning machine are "steam cleaning" → "spray cleaning" → "immersion cleaning" → "drying". The data shows that the drying time is greatly shortened after the rapid drying device is added. At the same time, for the workpiece with serious surface dirt, the cleaning effect can be significantly improved by repeated spray cleaning and rapid drying.

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