Double Chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace OQ series

Equipment Use

Be used for vacuum oil quenching、tempering、annealing.

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  • Product Performance
  • Equipment Features
  • Process flow
  • Product Parameters
  • Working temperature:540℃~1280℃

    Rated temperature:1320℃

    Furnace temperature uniformity:≤±5℃

    Limited vacuum:≤1.3Pa

    Pressure rising rate:≤0.3Pa/hr

    Heating-up time(from room temperature to 1150℃):≤40min 

    Rated quenching pressure:87kPa

  • 1.Preferable in a double chamber furnace with heating chamber and oil cooling chamber. A middle door between the heating chamber and oil cooling chamber to obtain vacuum sealing, which is not affected by quenching oil and can be cooled by gas;

    2.In order to gain superior heat treatment uniform heating performance and heat preservation performance in a large range from low temperature to high temperature, heaters are set up on the upper and lower sides to realize zone control;

    3.After the processing materials are transported to the furnace through the internal loading fork, all actions are automatically controlled by PLC from the start of vacuum exhaust to the completion of heating and cooling;

    4.Furnace operation by panel (touch screen) to realize miniaturization of control cabinet, and operation instructions and partial operation conditions can be confirmed through touch screen interface;

    5.The heating indoor surface is covered with molybdenum plate, which can meet various process requirements and realize bright tempering process.

  • Loading→Vacuumizing→Vacuum heating→Heat preservation in vacuum→Rear chamber gas cooling / Front chamber oil quenching→Unloading

  • Effective  zone dimensions (W × H × L)490*400*800
    Effective  volume(Heating chamber )5.0m3
    Loading  rated capacity270KG
    Equipment  weight13ton
    Rated  temperature1320℃
    Furnace  temperature uniformity (no load)≤±5℃
    Rated  heating power105KW
    Total  installed power185KW
    The temperature of quenching oil≤120℃
    Oil heating power30KW
    Oil intake volume3800L
    Cooling  pressure87kPa abs
    Limit  vacuum degree (conventional pump units)Oil cooling chamber≤1.3×100 Pa
    Limit  vacuum degree (high vacuum pump units)Heating chamber≤7.0×10-3 Pa
    Pressure  rise rate(Heating chamber)≤0.3Pa/hr
    Cooling  water consumption15m3/h
    Nitrogen  consumption (one cycle)10m3

     *Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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